How To Choose a Home Builder?

How To Choose a Home Builder?
December 5, 2017 Great Living Homes

For One Storey & Two Storey & Granny Glats Homes in Perth

At a time when budgets are stretched and getting value for money is a high priority, how do prospective buyers balance these issues with the age old adage “you get what you pay for”?

For buyers of homes today; price is the simplest and most commonly used criteria for almost everything, let alone people looking to Buy a house.

To compare home builders mandurah prices properly you need to be looking at a lot of different aspects within the building process. For example, you would need to compare, the same design, of the same size, using the exact same materials and labour, delivered from the building company in the exact same way. The building supervisor, administration skill & experience and process would all need to be the same.

So is this ever possible? No, not really.

Firstly builders are not permitted by Law to use someone else’s design. These designs are copyrighted.
Very few builders use the same products; no builders will use the exact same labour, or supervisors; let alone the administrative staff and processes. It just would not happen, especially amongst mandurah home builders, mandurah homes or even granny flat builders perth.

So as a result the price comparison usually comes down to a square metre rate… 250m2 for $x per square metre for example.

Now most builders aren’t silly so a common strategy is to design the most cost effective house to arrive at the lowest price. They simply focus on cost when designing and selecting everything from products, labour, processes, staff etc….

So is price the best criteria? WE would say, definitely not!
So putting the fact that if every design is suitable to you what is the best criterion?
Here’s our recommendation: –

Choose a builder you can…

1.  Talk too directly if needed.
2.  Trust will do the best job possible.
3.  Has experienced staff
4.  Has well qualified staff
5.  Has done a good job for people you know and trust.

Here’s some questions to ask:

A. Can you talk to the builder, the boss and owner? (Not just sales consultants)
B. Has the builder been building in your area for at least 10 years?
C. Can you talk directly to their past customers?
D. Are the key staff experienced qualified professionals?
E. Is the builder claiming to build the cheapest houses? – This one can quite often be an indicator for the builder you do not want to go with.

Finally a very common tactic a builder or building consultant may use for sales is fear. For example they may use phrases such as; “this is for a limited time only”, “this offer has only been given to you, if you don’t take it then it won’t be back”, “you won’t find any better price than this, I guarantee it”.


Sales staff will do this to convince you to buy from them. This can be an exploitive form of manipulation.
Basing decisions on facts is different to a fear based decision. We advise to decide on facts, that you have heard from the builder themselves. At Great Living Homes we are happy to chat with you regarding our prices and your budget.