Common Questions Asked to Mandurah Homes Builders

Common Questions Asked to Mandurah Homes Builders
November 5, 2018 Great Living Homes
Mandurah Homes

At great Living Homes, your local Mandurah Homes Builder, we get asked a lot of questions by our clients. Below, we will outline some of the most common questions asked.

  1. Will I Be Allowed at The Job Site?

    It is important to ask your builder whether you will be allowed to stop by the construction site before you enter the site. The best protocol is to inform your client liaison that you wish to visit site and arrangements will be made with your site supervisor to ensure that there are no disruptions to the work and that you are safely looked after.

  2. What If There’s A Problem?

    This is where establishing a strong relationship with your Mandurah Homes Builder is important. Communication is key to any job, from start until far beyond the finish. Be sure your builder can contact you if something happens to go wrong, or they need your approval before going ahead on something. Ask what their best method of contact is – whether call, email or otherwise.

  3. Can I make changes and variations?

    In short yes. Your builder will usually allow you to make changes that are still able to occur depending on the construction schedule. You do need to be aware though about how much the variation will cost you. Most builders will charge a variation fee that covers the cost of the additional work in estimating, scheduling, drafting and any delays that are caused.

  4. Will you allow owner nominated trades?

    There are times where you may have a relative or friend that is in the building industry and has skills that you would like to utilise. Asking if your builder allows owner nominated trades is a common question, and one that most Mandurah Home Builders will allow. In most cases it will be one per contract, however, talk with your builder and see what they allow.

  5. When will my house be completed?

    The main question that gets asked to builders and the hardest one to answer. You will find most of the time that the builder will direct you back to your contract and the timeframe allocated. The reason for this is there are so many factors that can affect when the home will be completed. As your project nears completion the builder will have more of an idea on the expected completion date.

  6. Can I complete works outside of the contract before handover?

    This question is usually in relation to floor finishes, window treatments, internal painting and even pool installation as these items are most commonly by owner after handover. On principle the builder will say that no outside works are to be completed until handover. This is to ensure that there is no damage caused on site to the house or to the works that are being completed by owner. There are some instances where you can arrange access, but always check and have an agreement in place with your Mandurah Homes Builder before commencing any works on site.

  7. What do you do with the left-over materials?

    This question is a case by case matter. You are best off asking your client liaison to follow up with the site supervisor and see if the excess materials will be used anywhere else on site. In most cases your builder once given the go ahead will leave any excess materials in the garage.

  8. When should I take out Home Insurance?

    As soon as you have completed Practical Completion is when you should be looking at taking out your own Home Insurance.