The Designer Look For Less

The Designer Look For Less
December 19, 2017 Great Living Homes
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When building a brand new home with Mandurah home builders, people want it to have the ‘wow’ factor and look, quite often though when you build a brand new home you may not have the extra money to throw around on designer furniture, lighting and everything else. Obviously having a lot of money can help but with a continuous growth in affordable products and restoration of old products you can still design well without the price tag. Perth Builder

Here is a few ways you can get the designer look for less in your brand new or established home.

Find a Space and time

Where ever it may be (the office or your house) grab a desk or a space on the ground and start to develop and create a theme for your house E.g. Scandi, Tuscan, contemporary, modern.

To truly explore the different themes and ideas you will need some time, so don’t set this up a week before moving into your brand new build. Crawl all kinds of magazines and websites to look at all types of themes. After some time you will find what you love and what you don’t. Assess what makes this look stand out to you. Is it the use of wood, the large stretches of yellow, or maybe a combination of things?


Create a pin up board

Once you have your theme grab a cork board or something similar and create a pin up board. Use clippings out of magazines, books, or even printed out internet images and pin them to your board. You will soon start to see your theme come to life and the creative juices flow. Some new home builders Perth may also have material you can pin up.


Don’t be afraid of DIY

Whilst the actual designer products use super expensive finishes and upmarket materials you can more often than not find very similar pieces with the same look for a lot less price. You may need to look at a product and break it down to a DIY project. For example, you see an amazing wooden dining table with a huge price tag; could you buy a cheap old wooden table and then restore it and use a similar colour finish?


Put your money into features

If you are going to spend money, make sure it is on a product that is a complete showstopper. Maybe it is a water feature or a large light fitting. Whatever it may be it should be the centre piece and the first thing you see when you walk into your house or a room. There is skill in learning where to withhold your money and where to splurge.


Remember scale

Remembering the scale of furniture to room size is a simple tip, yet a very important tip for everyone looking to get the designer look. If you have a small room do not fill it with a large bed or sofa as this will make the room feel stuffy and confined. Likewise if you have a large room, use a large sofa to fill the space. A small sofa would get lost and seem pointless.


Get more inspiration from the internet and social media


Jump online and glean from the millions of ideas from other people.