Don’t Forget about Landscaping when Building your dream Home!

Don’t Forget about Landscaping when Building your dream Home!
February 10, 2017 Great Living Homes

Once you have decided on the home design and locked in your builder, it is time to start considering what you will do with your landscaping once the home is built. Not all builders Perth carry out the landscaping works to your new home however this is something you should find out before finalising your contract. Managing the landscaping yourself gives you the opportunity to research and design the best type of garden for your lifestyle, whereas builders in Mandurah are likely to throw in plants that look pretty and save the builder money.

The ideal outdoor landscape in the Perth climate is one that is water-wise, reflects your personality and lifestyle, and adds value to your home. So what does that look like?

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Water-wise landscaping involves using hardy plants that require minimal water such as succulent plants, native plants like kangaroo paws, banksias and eucalypts. Some people like a big yard for their pets or for the kids to play in, but for a truly water conscious garden you can substitute lawn with gravel, paving or even synthetic turf. Don’t forget too that the money you invest in your landscaping at the start can also save you money in the long run, for example- using less water means cheaper bills and creating a garden requiring minimal maintenance can save you the costs of hiring gardeners.

Another thing to consider when arranging your landscaping needs is irrigation. Do you have a busy lifestyle and will this contribute to having very little time to maintain your new garden? Then an automatic reticulation system could be the way to go. Or perhaps you will have landscaping that incorporates a large amount of paving (patio area, swimming pool) and only a small area of garden which you could maintain yourself without the assistance of reticulation.


If you do want to have a swimming pool or paving/decking as the basis of your back yard, these are things your house builders Perth can do for you as part of your home build or you can manage this part of the build on your own once the home is completed.

Water-wise landscaping is definitely becoming trendy in Perth, partly due to strict watering guidelines placed on homeowners by the Government but also due to most people living busy, hectic lifestyles and not having time to maintain gardens. Why not take control of what goes into the landscape of your new home and save yourself time and effort in the future by reducing your water costs, minimising the work required to maintain your garden and the added benefit of knowing you are doing good by the environment!