Get your Iconic Beach House or Rural Farm house for your Single Storey Home Design

Get your Iconic Beach House or Rural Farm house for your Single Storey Home Design
April 26, 2017 Great Living Homes

Some of Australia’s most popular and recognised single storey home styles include the iconic beach house and of course the rural farm house. We are going to look at the characteristics of these two types of homes to show how you can recreate these classic Australian styles of architecture in your new single storey home design.

Beach Houses are typically light, bright and cheerful homes constructed from timber cladding or weatherboard exteriors with metal roofs made from corrugated iron sheeting, or in the case of more modern mandurah homes– Colorbond roofing. The ‘beachy’ feel is accentuated by the use of recycled hardwood decking, weathered pergolas, cobblestones and concrete paving. As beach houses are typically located close to the coast, the materials required to build them now need to meet specialised standards so they can withstand the corrosive, salty sea air.

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Another common feature of beach houses are the large windows which are perfect for making the most of your views and also for filling the house with natural light. Sliding glass doors also help to encourage natural ventilation, reducing the need for artificial air conditioning. Modern forms of the beach house incorporate rooftop swimming pools and entertaining areas to add a touch of luxury but having a pool on the roof also acts as a natural cooling mechanism for the home.

The interior of beach house may feature seashells, starfish andother nautical-themed accessories along with the natural colours you would find at the beach such as blues, greens, whites and beiges. The Hamptons style of home is a modern version of the beach house and if you search for these designs you will find many ideas to help you recreate this look for your home.

Rural homes are homes found in country areas, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and generally on large blocks of land called acreages. They tend to be sprawling, single storey homes rather than multiple storeys and the common theme among country homes and farm houses is space! These homes splurge on large, open living spaces, roomy bedrooms, high-ceilings and all the creature comforts you could want like home theatre and activity rooms, fireplaces, wrap-around verandas and large dining and alfresco areas with outdoor kitchens.

Country homes often make use of their extra space by including swimming pools, saunas, tennis courts, vegetable gardens, orchards, wool orhay sheds and paddocks for farm animals. People who live on acreages often like to be as sustainable as possible given their distance from major cities and they do this by employing grey water systems, rainwater tanks, solar panels, growing their own fresh produce and building with energy efficient materials.

Some interior styling tips for a rustic farmhouse feel includes shiplap walls, farm-inspired accessories like old farm tools, antique trunks, distressed cabinets, vintage stoves, exposed timber ceiling beams, ladders, old farm signs, wildflower displays, animal skin rugs and quilted bedspreads.

Both the beach-house and farmhouse styles of single storey home designs are very popular with Australian homeowners, but regardless of the style of home you want Great Living Homes can help you create the home of your dreams.